Regenerative Coaching

Your practice is only as great as the people who make it up. You are in the people business be it your office team, your associates, your practice members or your community. A joyful and productive workplace, which is driven by your team, is key to your success.

Our goal with regenerative coaching is to get you and your team singing from the ‘same song-sheet’ and working together as a self-sustaining business.


Have personal agendas rule
Have team conflict
Bind you to working in the practice
Have constant associate issues
Crisis driven


Have team agenda rule
Have team cohesion
Run itself therefore freeing you to work on it
Produce happy and productive associates
Event driven

  If you answer yes to the above,
then check out optimisation mentoring.

We are specialists in developing and operating Associate Driven practices where the owner has the freedom to work on the business and generate new options.

The result of not having streamlined systems and procedures,
is a huge cost in time, money and frustration.

Get your clinic running like a well-oiled machine.

I have found Quest to be invaluable, their insight into managing styles and personalities has been amazing and they are very quick at pointing out when I am wrong and getting me to get real with who I am being.

To me this coaching has not just been a chiropractic thing but a personal growth and insight into myself. We have been working together for 10 years and I still keep learning.

Dr Camilla Ellis UK

We have the experience and the expertise to empower you and your team to reach the next stage of your businesses growth that gives you higher levels of productivity and frees you up from constantly working at the ‘coalface’.


Two hours of one on one calls per month
4 x Facebook Live group discussions per month in private Quest client group
Unlimited e-mail access
All the resources you need to grow your practice with ease
BONUS 1: One hour of CA coaching per month (Value $130 per month)
BONUS 2:  FREE in8model Blueprint for Change seminar admission for one person per year (value $695)

Regenerative Coaching will walk you through:

Designing your ideal team that fits with your practice purpose


Accurate hiring, placement and training of your team


Superb communication strategies and skills


The art of associate practice


Multi-doctor management strategies


Turning your practice into a business


The only thing more expensive than spending money on regenerating your practice and your team,
is not spending money on regenerating your practice and your team.

Not sure if Regenerative is the right level for you?

Fill out your details and we will catch up with you and get you on the path to regeneration with a free 30 minute consultation. The investment you make in yourself will always deliver the most profitable return of any investment.

Ask yourself … when you go away for 3 months does the business continue to produce the same as when you are present?


You are chained to the practice to make sure everything keeps working


You have the freedom to take time away from the practice whenever you wish for as long as you wish

  If you have now realised that regenerative coaching is not for you, then check out optimisation mentoring.

Are you ready for Quest to help you
get your practice to a new level of operation?