Relief Coaching

You have invested heavily in getting to where you are. You have studied the science, you have honed your techniques and you have done what you can to provide great service to your practice members as a competent practitioner.

Whether you are an associate or a practice owner you will have discovered that getting your practice to a stable platform where everything just seamlessly works doesn’t occur by magic. It takes purpose, procedure, precision and perseverance. If you feel you are not there yet, Quest Relief Coaching is for you.


Low numbers of new practice members
Poor education of practice members
Poor retention
Low income
Frustration with practice


Plenty of new practice members
Excellent education
Great retention
Plenty of cash-flow
Joy in practice

  If you answer yes to the above,
then check out stabilisation coaching.

We at Quest have huge experience with every conceivable practice challenge.
All of our coaches are currently in practice so are well aware of the rapidly changing environment that you are dealing with.

The result of not having great advice and support
is a huge cost in time and money.

Every day you wait to begin is another day of pain and frustration.

Getting great advice and support puts you light years ahead in your professional career.

Joining Quest has proven to be one of the best paths I have chosen. In my three years of coaching, I’ve rediscovered who I am and my purpose. I went from having some vague ideas about where I wanted to go to with no real idea how to get there, to creating possibilities and having the possibilities become reality!

Dr Anne Jensen

Quest Relief Coaching will get the basics right so that your practice will start performing the way it should – even if it’s brand new.

Relief Chiropractic training will accelerate you up the practice ladder by getting you clear on why you are doing what you do and what to do to live your why.


One hour of one on one calls per month
4 x Facebook Live group discussions per month in private Quest client group
Unlimited e-mail access

Relief Coaching Focuses On:

Getting congruent with your purpose


Mastering management by agreement


Doing a case history that changes practice members forever


Conducting a physical exam that really educates


Giving a pre-care appointment that changes your practice members world view


Making a report of findings so simple


Visit by visit communication that resonates with everyone


Your undergraduate chiropractic education was not geared towards preparing you for the realities of practice.

It was designed to make you safe and somewhat effective but it certainly wasn’t designed to make you successful.

The small price you will pay for of our years of experience will come back to you many times over. We will make sure of that.

Not sure if Relief is the right level for you?

Fill out your details and we will catch up with you and get you on the path to relief and stabilisation in a free 30 minute consultation. The investment you make in yourself will always deliver the most profitable return of any investment.

We work with chiropractors and smart chiropractic students all around the world helping them shave off months, years and even decades of mistakes as they bring their chiropractic skills to a welcoming public.


You doubt chiropractic
You doubt your ability as a chiropractor
Your PVA is below 20
You aren’t clear on your clinical outcomes


You are certain about chiropractic
You are confident in your ability as a chiropractor
Your PVA is above 20
You are clear on your clinical outcomes

  If you have now realised that Relief coaching is not for you, then check out stabilisation coaching.

Are you clear on your professional purpose and do you
implement your clinical discipline with certainty and precision?