We have endeavoured to answer the most frequently asked questions here. If you have a question that we have not answered, please feel free to contact us and ask away. Also remember we offer a FREE Consultation, which is a great way to get started.

Are you available to speak at conferences?

Yes, we speak at conferences around the world. If you would like us to present at a seminar or conference, contact us and we will endeavour to accommodate you into our schedule.

Are your products a part of a system of education?

Yes, Every practice procedure, pamphlet, class and event is a building block for the next. Our products, entitles ” The Journey” works together in synergy to create a complete and seamless system of congruent paradigm shifting in your practice.

Can I use you for just one consult?

Yes, we contract our services to you based on half hour increments for the purposes of specific issues.

Do I have to pay up front for my coaching?

No, our coaching is a pay as you go system, the length of agreement is based on your outcomes and payments are made monthly from your credit card or bank account.

Do you have a category of membership for clients who have been with you for many years?

We have 4 levels of membership that range from relieving the pain associated with lack of understanding of the basics of practice through to developing a sustainable and leveraged business model of chiropractic.

Do you have resources available to support your coaching?

Yes, we have a large resource base to support the Quest Management System. You will receive the resources as you progress through the coaching program – or sooner if the occasion indicates.

Do you lock me into long contracts?

No, we see the coaching experience as being like the clinical experience. There are certain phases of care and certain things that need to be accomplished but if the chemistry isn’t there between coach and client there is no use in continuing the relationship. Our agreement is for a year and if it is not working for you we are very happy to release you from the agreement with 60 days notice to the end.

Do you provide coaching calls on Skype?

Provided your connection is compatible and we get a good connection, we are certainly able to … and do … use Skype.

Do you run seminars and training?

Along with speaking at association, college and all manner of conferences around the world we conduct specific training and seminars. The type and location of events varies but every year we conduct at least one experiential event and a series of specific trainings. The locations are usually Europe and Australasia.

Do your coaches still practice?

Yes. Society is changing rapidly and our profession is very different than it was just 5 years ago. We ensure that our coaches have their fingers on the pulse and are emerged in the realities of current practice.

How can you help train my team without seminars?

Our CA trainer can inspire and upskills CAs around the world.

How long are my personal coaching sessions?

The length of coaching calls are tailored to the individual. Some prefer a half hour whilst others prefer an hour.

I am considering taking on an associate position. Will you advise me on things to look out for?

Yes, we will provide as little as a half hour consult to assist you in making the right choice in associate options.

I got good grades in Chiropractic College, isn't that good enough to be a good chiropractor?

You have a diploma from Chiropractic College attesting to your academic ability but you don’t have a diploma for being successful.
Because you have the knowledge doesn’t mean that people will flock to your practice and give you an “A”. Practice success is a very different animal to academic success. Becoming a good chiropractor requires a huge amount of post graduate learning and skills development – and that’s just to be “good” – that’s where becoming “great” starts.