One of the greatest challenges chiropractors face is the frustration that arises when new practice members/patients stop coming in when they are out of pain.

Are you trying to educate people about chiropractic and they just don’t seem to get it or they seem to understand but still don’t follow through with the recommended care?

Chances are that this has happened to you!
If so, please take 5 mins to let me explain the incredible solution we have,
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The Journey Resource Pack ensures that your practice members understand that.

  1. Life is a Journey of interconnected physical, chemical and mental/emotional events that impact on the present.

  2. The relief care, symptom focused ‘Health Care System’ is broken in numerous ways.

  3. Chiropractic offers a different and strategically directed way to live a healthy lifestyle.

  4. The body does not heal – it regenerates.

  5. Regeneration takes time in proportion to a person’s journey so far.

Chiropractors who can get this message across to people are the chiropractors who have practices where people stay, pay and refer for a lifetime.

To help you in getting this message across to your people in a consistent and predictable way we are offering this incredibly valuable pack exclusively to you.


Package Includes:

Journey Resource Pack

The PCA – an animated, interesting & fast moving video presentation for your Pre Care Appointment (valued at $475)
PCA Questionnaire – to test for comprehension 3 weeks after viewing the PCA
The RCA – the Regenerative Care Appointment presentation continues to develop the persons understanding of the regeneration process  (valued at $475)
RCA Questionnaire – to test for comprehension 3 weeks after viewing the RCA
Branding – your own branding for the PCA and RCA presentations
PCA and RCA Implementation videos – to assist in you getting the most from the presentations
2 Journey posters – for easy reference to the model in your adjusting area (valued at $75 each)
2 Powerpoint Presentations of the PCA and RCA – with the script in presenter notes, so you can present to groups in a live setting (valued at $195 each)
The entire scripts of the presentations – so you can easily learn the presentations


 or 3 monthly instalments of $310

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Here’s how the new PCA is benefiting chiropractors.

The new pre-care appointment is punchy and engaging for today's technology loving time poor practice members. It delivers the chiropractic message through inspiration rather than just education. If you want your practice members to be more inspired about the potential for them and their families then this is a great place to start.

Dr Kane Albrecht and Dr Marjolein Volker

This short presentation sets the perfect foundation for new practice members during their initial stage of care, which ties together the initial visit, report of findings and pre-care appointment very well.

Alan Le

Here’s how the PCA given personally is affecting new people.

“Thought I'd share a little win from yesterday. I was giving a PCA to a new family who had their 4 month old checked. It was a great PCA, loads of questions, just very cool. At the end the husband of the family looks at the Journey chart and says, "So this is like the Apple of heath care then. Well designed, intuitive, integrated and it works."

I had to stop myself from kissing him and hugging him and marrying him.

The mum, is breastfeeding in the waiting area while her husband settled the bill and booked for their own checks too. The mum, who is a disillusioned GP, turns to me and says, "How would I go about studying Chiropractic?"


Dr Greg Venning

We are so sure that you will be happy with the Journey Presentation pack that we will refund you your money back no questions asked if you are not 100% satisfied after using the products for 30 days.

Imagine how you will feel

  • When new people get to your Report of Findings looking forward to engaging with your care.
  • Having already made the choice to go through the first phase of care with you they realise that this is just the first step towards a new way of living.
  • You don’t feel like you are selling, convincing or hoping in your report visits.
  • The Report of Findings visits are simply honestly presented findings and optimal recommendations for care with people who understand the context that you are working from.
  • Having people on the same page as you makes your job so much easier, more effective and more profitable.

 We hope that you choose to help yourself, your practice and your practice members by choosing to get the Journey Resource Pack.

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The Journey Resource Pack is priced to give you a quick return on your investment. For a fraction of what the value of just one practice member is worth you get:

The PCA. To reposition their thinking.


The PCA questionnaire – to make sure that they understand the Journey.


The RCA. To give them a rationale for care beyond symptoms.


Your own branding on your presentations done professionally by our team.


Implementation videos so you can get the most out of the resources.


2 Journey posters for easy reference to the model on your walls.


The Powerpoint Presentation of both events so you can give them to groups if you wish.


The entire scripts of the presentations.


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