Sometimes people think that life is a game of luck. Sometimes it feels like you either get the breaks and the ‘dice’ falls your way or it doesn’t and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is far from the truth.

The ability to play the game of life really well is not a matter of sitting back and hoping for a break. With the in8model® online coaching program, you will find a bulletproof way of making your game of life exactly what you want.

YOU WILL WANT THE the in8model® IF YOU:

Would love to get along better with yourself
Would love to get along better with other people
There are situation you would like to improve
Would love to have happy relationships
Would love your workplace or business to be ‘on fire’

YOU DON’T NEED the in8model® IF YOU: 

Are happy with your life
Are happy with other people
There are no situations that you would like to improve
You don’t care for happy relationships
Don’t want your workplace or business to function better

  If you answer yes to the above,
then check out our one on one coaching options.

We have a team of extraordinary coaches who are licensed to work the in8model®  so if you need support (or challenge) as you go through the course we are only an email away.

The result of not understanding how you experience your world,
has a huge cost in time, money and frustration.

 The cost is amplified every day that you keep doing the behaviours that haven’t worked in the past.
Maybe its now time to do your life a new way – the easy way.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating content within … I guarantee that you will find yourself seeing life from a different perspective and that everything will just get easier.

This is a fantastic tool! I've used it for the past 4 years with teams and I love how it's helped us be more aware our strengths and challenges- as a team and individuals. I also love how it's a fluid model and recognises that you can/do change! My scores are quite different from what they were 4 years ago which I think has been due to me being more aware of my 'weaknesses' and doubled my efforts in those areas.

Ali Schwarz

As a chiropractor the in8model® has massive ramifications for you in your practice. When you nail another person’s reality and work with them in their Quadrant model of the world you will be their trusted advisor for life. The in8model® will put you in the drivers seat in any communication cycle.

My goal is for every person on the planet to have access to this work. If you prefer to learn all this cool stuff at home … without the expense of personal coaching … the in8model® online coaching program is for you.


Our 4 quadrant module on-line course
Short and punchy videos that keep you engaged and enthralled
Supporting checklists and worksheets
Unlimited e-mail access

The in8model Method covers:

How your perceptions can bring you success or failure


Your personal laws – how what you tell yourself rules you


Cleaning the clutter out of your world


Be wise and notice the pattern


“Not Me” behaviours – a powerful way to change your brain


The discipline to say “No”


Flexibility, the key to change


The secrets of influence that open the doors to people’s heart


Truth process cuts through any argument


Rituals & habits make results predictable


I first met Mark when introduced by a mutual colleague over two years ago. I had heard about the in8model behavior preference tool and was very interested in knowing more about it as I felt it would be a good fit for my business.

Since meeting Mark and getting to know him and his work more thoroughly, I can honestly say that Mark is a true Wizard in his industry.

He is insightful, wise and extremely supportive as a coach, mentor and trainer. I can highly recommend everything that Mark offers as a practitioner, business leader and entrepreneur.

Veronica Smith, WA

There are so many little blocks to your power that creep into your understanding of the world. Everyone has a 24/7 recording of their life that feeds into a meaning making centre, the first function of which is to get you to survive. This online coaching will rebuild the way you view the world and help you to start acting with it in a much easier way.

Take the plunge

The small price you will pay for all of our years of experience will come back to you many times over … we will make sure of that.

The investment you make in yourself will always deliver the most profitable return of any investment.